School Psychologists

School psychologists are professionals specializing in both mental health and education, who provide services that help students succeed academically, emotionally and socially. They are trained to identify and address a wide range of barriers to school and community success, including learning disabilities, cognitive deficits, behavioral difficulties and emotional stressors.

Children and youth today often experience mental health and health-related problems that can limit their ability to learn, participate in activities, socialize, concentrate or even attend school. Through collaboration with other mental health providers as well as medical professionals, school psychologists can help youngsters develop resiliency, competence, self-control and self-esteem, and can facilitate integration of services between home and school. It is essential that states and communities support this collaboration through appropriate credentialing, policies and legislation, and avoid any unintended or misguided restrictions on student access to appropriate health and mental health supports in their schools.

The services we provide include:
  • Consultation to assure consistency between home, school and community providers
  • Observations and performance feedback to physicians monitoring the effects of medications and therapies on student's school performance
  • Assessments to help determine student strengths and weaknesses, as part of determining eligibility for special education and/or need for accommodations or modifications of instructional program
  • Diagnostic assessments that assist parents, physicians and psychiatrists appropriately address conditions such as ADHD and depression
  • Risk assessments regarding potential for suicide and violence
  • Specific skills training (e.g., social skills, organization skills, study skills)
  • Individual or group counseling around relevant issues (e.g., chronic illness, sibling or parent illness, substance abuse prevention, etc.)
  • Direct intervention and consultation regarding behavior planning for students with special needs
  • In-service and parent education programs regarding mental health and learning issues related to medical conditions (e.g., helping kids with ADD; understanding eating disorders; supporting children with a terminally ill parent, etc.)
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If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the psychologist at your child’s school.

Sarah Brooks, Ed.S.
School Psychologist
Office: 970-247-3261 x118
Cell: 970-570-9179
Escalante Middle
Florida Mesa Elementary
Sunnyside Elementary

Patrick Callahan, Ed.S.
School Psychologist
Office: 970-247-3261 x128
Cell: 970-769-4798
Bayfield PreK
Durango PreK
Ignacio PreK
Pagosa Springs PreK-1
Silverton School District

William Cody, Ed.S., NCSP
School Psychologist
Office: 970-247-3261 x116
Cell: 970-570-9428
Battle Rock Charter
Manaugh Centerbase
Manaugh Elementary
Montezuma-Cortez High
Southwest Open School

Brandi Durr, Ed.S., NCSP
School Psychologist
Office: 970-247-3261 x771
Cell: 970-570-1697
Cortez Middle
Mesa Elementary
Mancos School District

Sarah Harmeyer
Office: 970-247-3261 x182
Cell: 970-570-9952
Kemper Elementary
Kiva Montessori School
Manaugh New Wings
Dove Creek School District

Shannon Kartheiser
Office: 970-247-3261 x770
Cell: 970-903-7453
Bayfield School District

Jim Kavanaugh, Ph.D.
School Psychologist
Office: 970-247-3261 x114
Cell: 970-317-5014
Fort Lewis Elementary
Needham Elementary
Park Elementary

Bebe Konikowski
School Psychologist
Office: 970-247-3261 x120
Cell: 970-769-2185
Ignacio School District

Monika Kos, Ph.D., NCSP
Cell: 505-635-5349
Pagosa Springs School District

Raleigh Marmorstein, Ed.S., NCSP
School Psychologist
Office: 970-247-3261 x774
Cell: 970-903-9803
Lewis-Arriola Elementary
Pleasant View Elementary
Dolores School District

Shane Nelson
School Psychologist Intern
Office: 970-247-3261 x185
Cell: 970-946-9546
Animas Valley Elem., w/ John Persing
Mesa Elem., w/ Brandi Durr

John Persing, Ph.D.
School Psychologist
Department Chair

Office: 970-247-3261 x122
Cell: 970-749-5748
Animas Valley Elementary
Miller Middle
Riverview Elementary

Amanda Rich, Ed.S., NCSP
School Psychologist
Office: 970-247-3261 x119
Cell: 970-903-0074
Big Picture High
Durango High
Pathways to Independence
Southwest Colorado eSchool